Meet Float


Float is a student project of Brazillian designer, Eric Pautz. It’s a fun take on the traditional pump pot used to store coffee. The problem with average pump pots, is that after pouring a couple cups, empty space forms above the coffee allowing heat to disperse. Eric’s design solves this problem by placing a silicone disc around the straw that floats on top of the coffee, preventing space from forming between the coffee as it decreases in the pot. Simple, beautiful, and super cute redesign of a traditionally boring coffee accessory.

more work by Eric Pautz

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Seattle’s Best is all smiles


Yesterday morning, Seattle’s Best Coffee unveiled a new identity(designed by Seattle-based agency Creature) and announced their ambitious plans to expand further into fast-food chains throughout the US—including Subway, Burger King, and AMC Theaters. The company was founded in 1970, but was bought by Starbuck’s in 2003—and for the most part, left to its own devices. However, early last year Starbuck’s decided to better utilize the brand and expand into new markets. Their new plan is to have Seattle’s Best Coffee in 30,000 locations by this fall. With so much visibility in order, a re-brand was imminent.

I’ve only seen the new logo in the context above, so I’m curious to see how the system will expand. My first impression is positive and I like the new direction. It’s simple and it makes me smile. The modern aesthetic is a drastic, but appreciated departure from the old characterless branding. The previous design blended into the grocery store shelves, right alongside Red Diamond, Community Coffee, and Folger’s. This will definitely help differentiate them as well as attract a new generation of customers.

As for the coffee itself, it’s most likely on par with Starbucks. Regardless, it will be a great improvement for places like Subway and the movie theater.

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Knuckle duster


You can now drink your coffee without losing street cred, thanks to Thabto (two heads are better than one), a design duo from London. Thabto specialize in designing fun and unique gifts, accessories and homewears. This mug was the groups first product and their latest, a keychain that stabilizes “wonkey” cafe tables, solves an age old problem without wasting sugar packets.

visit Thabto

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Lego my espresso


First there was Lego Haik. Now, Lego Marzocco?

photo via jimeseven on Flickr

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Hustle Juice


On Friday, at noon Pacific time, a group of creatives (including designers, writers, editors, etc.) began their effort to gather, edit, design, publish, and print a magazine in just 48 hours. They are streaming the process live over Ustream and anyone from around the world can submit to the first issue’s theme, “Hustle,” by 4pm Pacific time today.

When I tuned in last night the team was understandably drinking beer, but I’m sure at some point in the process they will need lots of coffee. I sat down last night with a pot and worked on a submission they may find helpful. Enjoy.

48 Hour Magazine

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Coffee dream


Zim & Zou are the design duo of Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas. They live in France and make beautiful images crafted from colored paper. I’ve been drinking a lot of late night coffee recently, so this hits close to home.

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Starbucks, more than just a green logo


Last week a Starbucks in SoHo was reopened to the community, but now with more from the local ecosystem integrated into the store. After 15 years of service, the newly renovated location became one of a dozen pilot stores around the world to implement more sustainable practices into the construction of new locations.

The Spring and Crosby location is part of an experimental batch of 12 stores around the world, testing the feasibility of Starbucks’ recent initiative to have all new global locations LEED-certified by the end of the year. Each store is located in a different “bio-region” of the world–Kyoto, Japan; Lisbon, Portugal; Toronto, Canada; and Seattle among them–to test the varying shifts in energy use and locally sourced materials -PSFK

The store’s use of reclaimed wood, locally manufactured furniture, and recycled glass tiles are quite beautiful. The place feels more authentic than the cheap strip mall quality most locations posses. They also offer “for-here” mugs, an option they never should have removed from stores in the first place. Although, I was the only person I saw during my hour long visit who used one.

The new location is the first in NYC to boast a Clover machine for single cup coffee brewing. The quality is great (best cup I’ve ever had at a Starbucks), but there is a bit of a knowledge gap among the employees. I had to repeat my order 6 times between the two people I encountered, and it was still made iced before I could notice and correct them. It’s not like I was ordering off a secret menu either, it was a featured item on the menu board.

However, if Starbucks is to continue growing at the rate they have, it’s an extremely admirable goal to have all their future locations LEED certified. The quality of the materials truely add a rich new layer to the experience and the responsibility behind the decision illustrates why they continue to be an inspirational business leader, even if you don’t like their coffee.

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Solberg & Hansen


Norwegians drinks the most coffee in the world at 10.7kg per person (in the US it’s only 3kg!), which may be why I’ve always wanted to live there. Recently, one of the oldest coffee houses in Norway underwent an incredible rebrand. Solberg & Hansen was established in 1879, so preserving their legacy, while also illuminating the premium quality of the product, led to an impressive luxury coffee brand that remains warm and approachable.

The designers, Fredrik Melby & Martin Stousland in Oslo, did an incredible job making this unique in the world of coffee. I wonder how the taste compares to their design. Now I’ve got another reason to visit Norway.

See more images here.

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