Coffee Economy Perks Up


Nice infographic about the economy of coffee over the past year. Seems that most signs are pointing up for the industry. Click the image to see a larger version.

via Mint

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DCILY partners with Starbucks!



However, Starbucks has recently launched a fun new campaign to promote VIA, their instant coffee. The new website allows you to virtually and physically (through the use of a coupon) share a customized mug of VIA with a friend. While I’m no fan of instant coffee, I did review VIA last December and sadly, it’s better than Starbucks drip coffee. But all of my coffee snobbery aside, I do appreciate the design and—to a certain extent—the marketing behind the company. Starbucks has a solid in-house design group in Seattle and they consistently turn out high quality packaging, collateral, and emotion driven campaigns.

This new campaign does just that, while utilizing social media, customization, and mugs—which I love—and something many coffee drinkers have an intimate connection with. Now, if only Starbucks would start using them again in all of their stores, we could begin to stop wasting billions of paper cups each year (atleast they’re trying!).

Watch the custom DCILY promotion and make your own

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Brave New World of Coffee


Beautifully clean editorial design for an article about the new wave of coffee in San Francisco Magazine.

A new generation of café owners and roasters has burst from the dark shadow of Peet’s and “Charbucks,” luring its patrons toward a more complex and varied caffeinated frontier. Its members value lighter roasts, the better to unmask a coffee’s nuanced nature. They place emphasis on provenance and preparation, tracing beans to cherished “micro-lots” and prized Producers while geeking out over machines priced higher than your car. They hold public “cuppings.” They debate “flavor profiles,” gushing over citrus notes and chocolaty aromas. Like chefs fi ne-tuning menus, they approach their product as cuisine. –San Francisco Magazine

Design by Alejandro Chavetta
Photography by Michael Jang

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Multiplied Moka


This beautiful print was done by Luzelle van der Westhuizen (aka mengsel), a South African designer based in London. While the Moka pot isn’t my favorite way to brew coffee, it is one of my favorite looking coffee objects—and seeing its form repeated makes a really wonderful pattern.

See more of Luzelle’s work on Felt and Wire

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DCILY Swag Pre-Order: Show your love


Based on requests from interested readers, I’ve decided to design a few products for fans who want to proudly display their love of coffee (and this lovely blog). However, I only want to make merch if the products offered are of good quality and the best way to do that is with a pre-order. This way we only order what we need, without any excess merchandise floating around. You can also take pride in knowing you were an early supporter—owning part of an original limited edition run.

Mug Details: 10oz burgundy porcelain mug with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 36
Cost: $15 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Mug!

Shirt Details: 100% cotton American-made t-shirt with white screened DCILY logo.
Minimum (collective) order: 25
Cost: $20 and includes shipping inside the continental US.
Pre-Order a Shirt!

I won’t “accept” any of the PayPal payments until we reach the minimum order for the specified item. If we haven’t met the minimum number by June 5th, I’ll refund any money that’s been paid…or I’ll try again at a later date with Kickstarter.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch dearcoffeeiloveyou[at]gmail[dot]com

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Kickstand Coffee in Action


I stopped by McCarren park this weekend to meet the guys behind Kickstand Coffee, Brooklyn’s newest—and only—bike powered, mobile coffee bar. The founders Peter Castelein, Neal Olson and Aaron Davis—who have all worked with Gimme! Coffee—just finished their third weekend in business, but have already created quite the buzz.

Their open air coffee theatrics have been providing delicious Chemex brewed coffee, from local roasters, to the sun soaking folks in McCarren Park and local craft fairs. However, once Kickstand get’s cleared for a vendor license, there’s a good chance you’ll see their mobile, transforming bar—which was brilliantly engineered by Neal’s roommate Ben Schleif—showing up in other places around the city.

The idea combines the founders’ passion for bikes with their passion for coffee and has created a unique and intimate experience that allows the customer the opportunity to fully engage with the person making your coffee. It also give’s Kickstand a chance to educate customers about the differences in quality coffees and the brewing process while it takes place right in front of them. Good luck guys, you’ve got a successful summer ahead of you.

Kickstand Coffee
Interview on FREEWilliamsburg
Music: Island, IS by Volcano Choir

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Syphon by Intelligentsia


Another great video from the Intelligentsia series created by Dpt4D.

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Brewing up a good brand


The recent Seattle’s Best re-branding uproar has encouraged me to begin a series of posts I’ve had brewing for a while now. I plan to look at the leading coffee roasters and discuss their brand, packaging, and why I think they are or are not successful.

Coffee is a huge commodity, and for many people, buying coffee is as overwhelming as picking out a bottle of wine. When a customer can’t distinguish the subtleties in taste, they are left to rely on their remaining senses to help make decisions.

The way a brand of coffee represents itself in a cafe or on the supermarket shelf will determine how its perceived before you even have a chance to taste it. In the coming weeks I’ll discuss a variety of ways different coffee companies have positioned themselves to stand out in such a saturated market.

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Coffee Comics


Jameson Shroyer draws comics about coffee. They make me smile.

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Dali and Picasso inspired coffee


I love this work was done by Christiano Siqueira, an illustrator from São Paulo, Brazil. They were commisioned by Café do Ponto to represent various artistic movements in the 20th Century. Above surrealism, below cubism.

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