Chemex by Intelligentsia


I don’t own a chemex yet, but I definitely want one. This video, put together by Intelligentsia, is a fun introduction to the process. Enjoy!

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The drug we love


People who love coffee consider it more than just a drink. It’s part ritual, part pick-me-up, part habit.

“It sort of gives me a lift,” says long-long-longtime coffee drinker Rich Warwinsky. “And if I manage it well and drink it two or three times a day, half and half, I’m not too crazed.”

With this description, it sounds as if Warwinsky is referring to a drug habit. And in fact, he is.

Coffee: A little really does go a long way.” on NPR

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Stay awake and make something.

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Temperature acceptability index


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Bringin’ back Memphis


Bodum’s design has been moving in this direction over the last year or so, but most of their new products have been too bubbly for my taste. However, their recently unveiled Ettore Kettle is magnificent looking. According to Core77 it was designed in 1986 (during the Memphis period), but technical limits kept it from being produced until now.

Jørgen Bodum—the co-owner of Bodum and son of company founder Peter Bodum—worked with Sottsass Associates on the design, and shows it off for us below, pointing out a few distinctly Memphis moments, and the manufacturing problem that kept this off the shelves until now.

(more at Core77)

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Not just for drinking anymore


I love Intelligentsia (call me a fanboy), but they really roast and brew damn good coffee. Also, their brand is a designer’s dream. I’ve recently been doing some research in the world of skateboard design, so when I saw this posted by @coffeeactivist, I got really excited. I googled around, but came up with no other information. If anyone knows where this came from and if they are available somewhere, please let me know!

Photo: Chris Giannakos

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Coffee at Frank


Great video starring Tyler J. Wells(USBC Qualifier)—featuring incredible design by The Decoder Ring—for the Austin, TX based hot dog restaurant/bar/coffee shop/market known as Frank.

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A solo opinion


While I recently posted about the beauty of a reusable lid for your ceramic mug, I was coincidentally sent this editorial, writen by reknown design writer Steven Heller, regarding his love for the Solo plastic lid.

Like Pavlov’s compliant canine, I salivate whenever I see someone walking down the street holding a paper coffee cup topped with a Solo Traveler lid. The various other varieties of plastic covers, including some that look like the Starship Enterprise, don’t move me at all. And Styrofoam cups are a total turn-off, but paper cups crowned with that raised, pierced rim make me want to bark at the moon — I mean, savor a hot beverage… -Times Magazine

While I admire Heller’s passion—I too prefer the simple Solo lid to the complex mechanisms in the fancier ones, which never seem to work correctly—I believe his article’s focus is naive and irresponsible. To praise the design of something that is meant to have a lifespan of less than an hour—only to sit for billions of years in a pile someplace, or float around aimlessly in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch—is wreckless abuse of his authority as a design critic. While the Mug Hug isn’t the most beautiful solution(though it’s clearly inspired by the Solo lid), functionally it’s far superior. It reduces mass amounts of unnecessary waste, which is a far more pressing problem designers should be focused on solving, not how well a lid, metaphorically, resembles suckling from our mother’s tit.

Thanks to Marc O’Brien for the tip.

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Dream come true: Mug Hug


First the Coffee Party, and now the Mug Hug! I need to start sleeping with foil over my head because my ideas are becoming realities faster than I can make them happen myself.

The Mug Hug is a solution to a problem I’ve discussed on here various times regarding disposable cups. Just stop offering them and make customers bring their own mugs. “But what if I want to take it to go,” the critics cry. This is your answer. The Mug Hug is a silicone lid that fits on most standard size ceramic mugs to keep your coffee from splashing and spilling while you walk back to the office. Now you can stop wasting cups, crying, and use your favorite mug everyday.

Below is a photo from my sketchbook,  which I emailed in early January to my brother. It’s called the Mug Buddy™ and is basically the exact same product. I almost had a heart attack when Mug Hug began following me on Twitter. *Sigh*

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Coffee, Conversation, and Liberty


Today the New York Times ran an article about Annabel Park’s exploding movement, the Coffee Party. My heart almost exploded. Not just because many of us have joked about starting the same—just to spite the Tea Party—but also because this party actually aligns with my thoughts and feelings towards the former. We need conversation and solutions, not fear mongering and militias. Coffee has always been a catalyst for great ideas, so why shouldn’t there be a political party named after it? I say hell yes, sign me up.

From the New York Times article:

The slogan is “Wake Up and Stand Up.” The mission statement declares that the federal government is “not the enemy of the people, but the expression of our collective will, and that we must participate in the democratic process in order to address the challenges we face as Americans.”

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