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A new print by Jennifer Ramos at MadeByGirl. If blogs and coffee are her thing, blogs about coffee must really drive her wild.

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Luxirare’s Coffee Love


Luxirare (a fashion & fine cuisine blog) shows off her collection of coffee toys. Aside from all the adulterants (syrups, sugars, blegh) it makes me damn envious. Check out the rest of her gadgets on her site.

Thanks to the talented Mary Catherine Moody for sharing.

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Designed by Jörg Boner, in Zurich, this beautiful thermos will easily transport a pot of coffee for you and a friend to the nearest park to share a lovely afternoon of conversation and caffeine.

Thermos is a coffee pot for people on the move. It carries two cups and is no bigger than fits comfortably into a bag. The elastic band that fixes the cups into place can be transformed into a handle in just one move, turning the termos bottle into a coffee pot. The way in which it plays with both archetypes is characteristic of the product.

Photographs by Milo Keller

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Lego Haik needs coffee plz


Haik Avanian loves coffee. So it’s no surprise that his lego doppelgänger does too. He needs all that caffeine to fuel his endless list of amazing projects, like Reknit (where his mother reknits old sweaters into cool new things). Cheer up lego Haik, we’ll get you a refill too.

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Informative graphic about the caffeine/calorie ratio of various coffee drinks. Frappuccino’s are such a waste.

Found on a coffee filled tumblr called Javalosophy.

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The Coffee Brake


I really love coffee, but I equally love bikes and good design. So when I saw this mug I fell hard. It stung even more when I found out they aren’t available (yet!), but when they are, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. The Scallywags started out building frankenbikes in a garage up North, but now deliver coffee by bike to homes and businesses around Huntsville, AL. Here’s the scoop on their future offering.

Created by a world traveler who dared to ask the question: “What good is a sturdy metal mug with a flimsy plastic handle?” Whether you’re a hardcore coffee drinker or a dabbler, this 14 oz. double-walled insulated stainless steel mug is what you’re after. Bicycle brake handle fixed in one of two positions. Non-skid bottom and snug-fitting plastic lid.

They’ve got an inspiring story, check it out at

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Frank Chimero and the elixir of Life


Frank Chimero is a brilliantly clever illustrator and designer soon relocating to Portland, Oregon. Frank and I first met in the land of Intelligentsia (Chicago, IL), but we were usually out drinking beer together, not coffee. The first time we had coffee was a couple cups of Blue Bottle outside the Ferry Building in San Francisco. During which our conversations teetered between our love of coffee and world domination (you can’t have one without the other).

Is coffee a routine part of your workflow? If so, how important is it to your creative process? Yep! Most mornings start out the same. Wake up, get ready, do a cursory glance at my inbox, then head over to my local coffee haunt (the Mudhouse) to get some piping hot, locally roasted drip coffee. If I’m teaching that day, I walk the extra block to my classroom. If not, I usually plant there for a bit to take care of the morning niceties and communication obligations.

How many cups do you have a day? Typically two. Any more than that, and I think I can feel my heartbeat sync with the twitch in my left eye. Sometimes I have more than two cups. COFFEE!

Who makes your favorite roast and how do you drink it? I’m going to go plain jane here: Stumptown House Blend in a french press. Then it goes in a mug. And then in my belly. I take pleasure in the simple things. It’s not exotic, but I dare you to say it’s not good.

Any chance you will actually design a set of coffee mugs in the near future? I would love to! Who wants to get going on this with me?

Burning the midnight oil usually requires fuel. Check out more of Franks’s work at

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Great illustration by designer/illustrator Travis Barteaux

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I’d love to get ahold of a mug like this, it’s fantastic! Do you drink decaf? Daily Shot of Coffee was asking readers in a recent poll—my answer, definitely not!

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Beautiful sign and photograph from Olivia.

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