Mug Shot — Black President


While this isn’t an official Mug Shot, since I don’t own one(yet) and no one submitted this, it is one of the greatest mugs I’ve seen. Just brilliant.

A bit pricey, but the guys cleverness is worth something. For sale at Etsy.

Send us a photo of your favorite mug and look for it in a future mug shot.

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Shiny little beans


Perk up those tired cuffs with a jolt of style from Amy Pfaffman. These coffee bean cufflinks are made from the molds of real coffee beans cast in solid sterling silver. Pfaffman specializes in turning everyday objects into functional art and these coffee bean cufflinks are the perfect way to enjoy that morning tradition all day long. Handmade in California.

If you’re looking for a grande, unsweetened, nonfat way to update your look then look no further than this interesting coffee bean necklace by Amy Pfaffman. A creative way to enjoy that first cup all day long.

I saw these first over at Daily Shot of Coffee.

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